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Welcome to SouthCHI

Dear SouthCHI 2013 participants!

Proceedings LNCS 7946 and LNCS 7947 are now available online. You can find information about LNCS 7946 HERE or access the online version HERE.
For information about LNCS 7947 please click HERE or access the online version by clicking HERE.

The field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) has been extremely successful for the last thirty years, especially when it comes to changing computing to the benefit of end users. Advanced mobile, ubiquitous and pervasive computing have dramatically changed the way we interact with information, which makes human factors an essential part of computer science and informatics in all areas of our daily life. SouthCHI,
a new to-be-launched biannual series of conferences, that focus on every aspect of HCI and that addresses participants mainly from Southern Europe, starts with its first issue in July 2013. SouthCHI will be a biannual event, being organized in the odd years, and will visit Alpe-Adrian, South, Southeastern Europe, Mediterranean countries, rest Europe and world.

The venue of SouthCHI 2013 is Maribor, Slovenia, a city located just 40 miles south of Graz, Austria. Maribor is the  2012 European Capital of Culture.